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i know what you did last summer, Frank Pritchard .D

If you look hard enough, you can see a smile.



i know what you did last summer, Frank Pritchard .D

If you look hard enough, you can see a smile.

Toad Words


Frogs fall out of my mouth when I talk. Toads, too.

It used to be a problem.

There was an incident when I was young and cross and fed up with parental expectations. My sister, who is the Good One, has gold fall from her lips, and since I could not be her, I had to go a different way.

So I…


"I’m a ghost". That’s Tom Goldman under that sheet, taping a report for our newscast desk about Brazil’s victory over Chile. Normally, our stories are recorded in pristine radio studios where you really can hear a pin drop. But out here on the road, you improvise. In this case, it’s a sheet over his head to keep his voice from echoing off the walls. You never know we do this … but if we didn’t, you probably would ask yourself, "why does this news report sound so funny?"







Wolverine had a great Easter this year. [x]

Cosplay by Lonstermash | Photography by York in a Box

Oh ymg od yes


this might be one of the best things ive ever seen bless


I was wondering why this was a thing. The gif made it make sense.






The streets of San Francisco are lined with pear, plum and apple trees thanks to ‘guerilla grafters’ secretly grafting fruit-bearing scions onto ornamental, non-fruit bearing trees making fresh fruit free and available to everyone who wishes to pick some.

'All you have to do is make a slit with a knife in a branch on the host tree, insert a branch from a fruit-bearing tree, and secure it with tape.  Once it heals, it connects.” — Tara Hui started the movement and has been grafting fruit branches to city trees for two years now.

How great would it be to see free fruit from guerilla grafters growing in your city?  Want to start a trend?

yo my grandpa has done this with some trees on our property so we got some weird ass trees LOL

fucking frankenstein monster trees

best shit ever

I want this to happen in Calgary!

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